“I really don’t see things as a director when I’m wearing my actor’s hat—that’s a stupid expression, but you get it. I would never dare disrespect an artist by telling him, ‘Have you thought about putting your camera there?’ I’m interested in being good and being credible. If ever I felt like there was a directing choice that would damage the quality of acting, I would probably ask questions.” — Xavier Dolan

Shot by Caitlin Cronenberg x W Magazine



Defend net neutrality.


For the next few months, this interactive Swing Time installation on the Lawn on D in Boston invites visitors to sit back and relax while swinging in glowing hammocks that change color according to motion. The temporary project, created by Höweler + Yoon Architecturewas developed as a way to “create a new type of city park.”

Xavier Dolan by Shayne Laverdiere

‘Some sexy stuff,’ says pseudonym, not his/her real name because he/she is the writer’s friend on Facebook, a vague professional from a major city. ‘Less sexy but necessary follow-up to make the above sexy quote make sense.’
Rosemary Counter imagines the quintessential trend piece. (via newyorker)